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Come build a foundation with Tilton Pacific Construction, Inc.! Internships are now available with Tilton Pacific, one of Sacramento's top 25 contractors and one of the best in the industry!

As an Intern for Tilton Pacific, you will be provided with a unique opportunity to experience actual construction practices both in the field and office - to make a direct link between what you are learning in the classroom and the real world of construction.

In the field, you will be exposed to the actual building elements and construction process including coordination and management of subcontractor activities. You will be able to walk in the shadow of one of our seasoned Superintendents assisting with field activities and see what a career in the field would look like at Tilton Pacific.

In the office, you will be trained in the same manner as we start out a new Project Engineer with training on Prolog, an industry wide and well recognized Project Management software system. You will learn to prepare and process Requests For Information (RFI's), Submittals, Change Order Requests and to prepare Meeting Minutes. Once trained, your primary role will be to assist our seasoned Project Managers in a Project Engineer capacity in either our Rocklin or San Jose office.

This unique opportunity to experience both the job site and office environment will not only provide great training and a broadening experience, but also highly sought after skills that will give you an advantage when it's time for the interview process.

Finally, it will give us a chance to get to know one another and to consider the possibility of a future career opportunity at Tilton Pacific.

We share your passion for building and the construction industry! So we invite you to join us by applying for an internship and find out more about what the future might hold for you at TPC.

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