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More than just a trend, TPC feels Green Building is here to stay. From our experience, the costs associated with these projects can be contained to a level close to traditionally constructed buildings, especially when future economic benefits are considered.


At Tilton Pacific Construction, "green" building means more than just a style of construction and renovation. To us it means building both with an inherent sense of environmental responsibility and providing our clients with the smartest options for their sustainability goals.
TPC has a proven track record of providing our clients with analysis and information to achieve the optimal balance between sustainable construction and project budget. Our Green Building strategies are incorporated with our project management methodology, allowing the TPC project teams to track budgets accurately and manage projects efficiently. And we collaborate extensively with clients to ensure that all construction practices used are able to be applied to the LEED rating system.

Contact TPC today to see why our construction management services are focused upon creating value beyond building. With our commitment to green building and sustainable, environmentally conscious construction, we seek to minimize our impact on the environment while leaving a legacy for future generations that promotes healthy living and mental well-being within sustainable communities.
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